InteBroker™ was developed to support a change data capture method of data distribution, based on asynchronous messaging and highly-distributed data marts. InteBroker is built on OSMQ's message broker technology.

Summarize the benefits of InteBrokerTM

Detailed Technical Attributes

Feature OSMQ InteBroker
100% POJO (Java SE) X X
Layered, modular and extensible adapter classes (publisher and subscriber clients) X X
Dynamic discovery of broker or remote peer subscribers X X
Self-correcting after communications failures X X
Eliminates the impact of peak data-surges X X
Fully persists and reloads the broker state at shutdown and subsequent startup (including messages and subscriptions) X X
Designed for high availability  X X
Dynamic client subscribing / unsubscribing X X
Supports Java data mapping/marshalling APIs that are consistent with JDBC X X
Local and remote GUI monitoring and administration of the broker   X
A rich set of adapters including financial data components, database synchronizers, an enterprise message audit logging component, and test components   X
Documentation and technical support   X

Admisistrative User's Guide

Message Broker Characteristics


  Any Java SE supported platform (Solaris, Windows 2000/XP, Linux, AIX, ...)
  100% Internet protocols  (implemented using TCP/IP and IP-multicasting)


  High-volume publish / subscribe throughput. The message broker implements a queuing technology developed by MQue Systems that performs data routing both rapidly and reliably.
  Benchmarks of sustained message broker processing reveal it will reliably process over 8,000 published messages / second on a 1000 mhz Intel uni-processor running LinuxTM or MS Windows TM and Java J2SE 1.4.x


  Persists undelivered subscriber messages on shut-down
  Automatic Broker Standby
If a second instance of a message broker is run, it automatically detects that another broker is active and immediately configures itself as a hot standby
The standby broker subscribes to all messages, which are then available if the active broker fails and the standby broker becomes the active (master) broker

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