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  • Ease of Use: API simplicity and consistency
  • Portability: 100% Java SE
  • Efficiency: highly optimized performance and efficient resource utilization
  • Reusability: suitable for a broad range of asynchronous message-passing tasks
  • Extendibility: core elements for more sophisticated products and applications
  • Reliability: free from bugs

Detailed technical attributes

  • 100% Java-2 compliant
  • Designed for high availability and to eliminate the impact of peak data surges.
  • Self-monitoring load balancing provides peak performance while eliminating memory over-commitment
  • Fully functional publish / subscribe and point-to-point message broker.
  • Layered, modular and extensible java bean adapter classes (publishers and subscribers)
  • High performance FIFO memory queues that page to mass storage when they reach a defined threshold
  • Dynamic broker or peer discovery utilizing IP-multicasting MCNS (multi-cast naming service)
  • Handles raw (binary), ASCII text or language-specific field-level data mapping
  • Supports Java data mapping/marshalling APIs that are consistent with JDBC
  • Supports automated message mapping to Java Swing tables, labels and fields
  • 100% Internet protocols (implemented using TCP/IP and IP-multicasting)
  • Benchmarks of sustained message broker processing reveal it will reliably process over 6,000 published messages / second on Compaq Proliant on Linux and MS Windows

A panel with an OsmqScrollingKeyedTable and several synchronized controls.
The synch controls automatically display column information from the highlighted row on the table.

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